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How Trusted Advisors Provide Better Results and Improve Your Life

By Perry A. Kuznar, PE
Client Services Manager

A Confession

I will admit it.  I am a do-it-yourselfer!  Been that way for most of my life. Why?  I grew up poor on a small dairy farm and had to make my own fun. That process became part of my life programming.  Here is a story about overcoming that mindset to help you and your business.

Head in the Clouds


As a young kid, I got excited when I saw airplanes flying over the farm. It looked so fun.

I wondered how we could fly.  I asked my dad and he brushed off my questions by saying “planes are expensive”.

I was not swayed.  One of our farm sheds housed an old tractor and some stacks of lumber. “Why don’t we use that wood in the shed to build our own airplane, Dad?” He gave me an amused look, shook his head, and continued with his work.

Looking back, Dad had a do-it-yourself mentality. Being poor forced him to be that way. He worked hard every day and did not have time to think himself out of his self-induced situation. That trait rubbed-off on me.

The Professor


When I went to engineering school, one of my professors got me interested in radio-controlled gliding. He explained how he purchased a glider kit and enjoyed putting it together. That sounded good to me. Preassembled gliders were expensive.

With his guidance, we found a low-cost kit with assembly drawings. I built it myself on a card table in my bedroom. A very time-consuming, but affordable and educational venture. I had my very own glider!

Now I had to buy a control radio to make it fly. Very expensive. But my professor advised me on what to buy and told me he would teach me to fly when my bird was ready. I put my trust in him and worked extra hours at my side job during school to buy the radio.

When I completed the project, my professor was true to his word. He taught me how to fly and educated me on the fine arts of glider high-starting and slope-soaring (Google for more info).

He took me along to glider contests and introduced me to others in the sport.  To say he added value to my life was an understatement.

I flew that glider as much as possible and enjoyed mastering this flying hobby. I learned from one of the best and accomplished something great. All because I got to know and trust this professor.

The Mentor


After starting my career as a professional engineer, I was up to my eyeballs in the RC plane hobby. All manner of designs from plans and kits emanated from my shop. The do-it-yourself programming persisted.

But I still wanted to fly my own full-sized airplane. The dreams from my farm days were as strong as ever.

I had a pilot friend who owned a plane called a Champ. He and I had many flights together in his little two-seater. I told him I wanted to build my own airplane.

I showed him my plans for an amateur-built design that resembled his Champ. He looked at me with a friendly, but knowing face and said, “You should learn to fly first.”

I took his words to heart. I decided to start taking flying lessons. The cost and time commitment were large. But something was sinking in… I was making progress toward a huge goal in a proper way. And I was not doing it all on my own.  People I got to know, and trust were helping me achieve my goals.  Are you sensing a theme here?

The Instructor

Flight Instructor

I got to know my flight instructor through a local aviation club.  His reputation was top-notch for training a person to be a pilot. Flight training was expensive, but I was on my way to earning my private pilot license. This was a dream come true.

The lessons were a physical and emotional roller coaster, but I stuck to it. The day finally came when I achieved the goal of becoming a new private pilot. I was so proud of my accomplishment.

Through it all, I focused on my instructor’s teachings. I trusted him and strived to understand and internalize his directions without question. I knew if I tried to do things my way, I was inviting trouble.

Things are not so forgiving flying through the skies twice as fast as driving your car. In fact, there was a time after I became a pilot that I had gotten myself into a dangerous situation. My instructor’s admonition to “trust your instruments” flashed through my mind to get me out of it.

It is possible I would not be writing these words today had he not trained me so well. By investing in his trusted instruction, I achieved a successful and rewarding outcome.

You and Your Company


Do you have the do-it-yourself mentality? Do you have something you are good at, or want to do and lack the time or knowledge (or both) to get to it?  In your work, does that weigh you down?  Stress you out? It is time to step back and think.

If you are like most people in business, you have passions and responsibilities. The two rarely mesh.  Passions are those things you like to do, are good at, and provide great personal satisfaction. Responsibilities are things you must do, whether you like them or not.

In your business, you are likely faced with this dichotomy. You want to take something on, but you need help so you can manage the larger business requirements. It is time to enlist a trusted advisor.

A Trusted Advisor

Business Card

Excel Engineering has been a trusted advisor to our clients for 30 years!  We assist Industrial Manufacturers and Power Utility Companies with consulting expertise in the following disciplines:

  • Electric Design for Facilities and Processes
  • Automation and Controls Engineering for Processes
  • Contingent Workforce Personnel
  • Arc Flash Studies
  • Electric Power Systems Studies
  • Electric Transmission Systems Studies
  • Electrical Safety Training

We work with you to turn challenging projects into high-value outcomes. Invite us to look at your situation. We offer valuable solutions. These will speed up your business, improve your bottom-line, and relieve stress. You and your team can focus on running your business.

Click here now to submit a request for support or a proposal.  It is easy and takes just a couple minutes.


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