Transmission Studies

Utilities require a significant amount of planning and forecasting to ensure the existing equipment available can keep up with demand or, if the existing equipment is not sufficient, determine equipment additions required to provide the necessary network capabilities, all in a cost effective manner. Transmission studies provides the information necessary to efficiently maintain resources and reliability, as well as provide design improvements.

Excel Engineering does various aspects of transmission studies for utilities around the country. The engineers here also are involved with developing standards, guidelines, special publications and papers for transmission systems. With our experience and knowledge, we are confident that we can provide quality transmission studies services to our clients.

  • Review and Refine Load Forecasts
  • Model Review, Development and Refinement
  • Development & Analysis (Technical & Economic) of Alternative Utility Solutions
  • Power Flow (Load Flow) Analysis
  • Dynamic Stability Analysis
  • Voltage Stability Analysis
  • Study of Power Transfers, Interconnections, Losses, and System Upgrades
  • Transmission Routing and Environmental Impact Support
  • Short Circuit Studies
  • Reliability Evaluation
  • Fault and Disturbance Analysis
  • Relay Operation
  • System and Circuit Reliability
  • Regulatory Data Requests and Reporting