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The arc flash hazard assessment process consists of:

  1. Data collection
    1. Collect all necessary data to accurately model power system and build a one-line diagram. This includes information for utility source, protective devices, cables, transformers, and system voltages.
    2. As part of the data collection step, we will also document any code related deficiencies and bring them to the attention of the client.
  2. Model Building
    1. Create one-line diagram in power system software reflecting information collected.
  3. Power system analysis
    1. Determine system modes of operation
    2. Determine bolted fault currents at each device
    3. Determine arcing fault currents at each device
    4. Perform coordination study to determine protective device clearing time
    5. Determine voltages, classes of equipment, and appropriate working distances
    6. Calculate incident energy and determine arc flash for all equipment
  4. Arc flash mitigation
    1. Determine methods of reducing arc flash hazard level for higher hazard equipment (typically 8cal/cm^2 or greater) where applicable.
    2. Provide recommended settings to reduce arc flash hazard where applicable.
  5. Review preliminary results with client.
  6. Print and apply arc flash hazard labels meeting current standards.
  7. Create final reports
    1. Document results of analysis by exporting all reports from power system software and format reports for easier interpretation.

Typically, our team arrives on site and performs steps 1 through 6 above while onsite. Once we have arrived back in our office, a final report is then completed and sent to the site. We can also work with local staff or contract electricians to gather the information we need to perform the analysis.
Training is a key element of compliance to OSHA regulations. A thorough understanding of how to identify hazards, interpret the arc flash labels and apply safe work practices is necessary to keep workers safe. Excel can also provide NFPA 70E electrical safety training and OSHA-10hr and 30hr training while on site. This allows us to tailor the training to your facility and your staff’s specific target needs.
We can also provide thermal imaging scans of your facility. This can be extremely effective in identifying impending equipment failures. Infrared training and assistance implementing an annual program is also available.

Please provide some information regarding your facility and we will contact you with a customized arc flash study quote.


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