Retiree services

Retiree Services

Knowledge is an invaluable resource that is not always transferred to the successors of retirees, and the demand for qualified professionals in certain areas is not being met. Excel Engineering has found success in assisting our clients with their business needs by connecting them with retirees who have the desired skills and experience necessary to meet this demand. These individuals are able to return to the work force in the capacity they desire and Excel is able to provide personalized benefit packages that meet the retiree’s needs. Usually these people are those who not only have the experience and knowledge to do the job, but also have loyalty to the companies to which they devoted many years of their professional career.

Current or prospective clients interested in discussing this further may contact Perry Kuznar at 763-231-8575 or

Retirees who are interested in coming back to work can apply using the Retiree Services job posting located on our website’s careers page.

Client concerns for direct rehiring of retirees

  • Risk of retiree pension violations
  • Wait time between retirement and return to work

How can Excel Engineering help?

  • As a full service design engineering firm, Excel Engineering is able to provide these resources so that the retiree does not risk their pension or violate regulations set forth by the IRS.
  • We work with both clients and retirees to come to an agreement that fulfills both party’s needs.