What is a NRTL Evaluation?

NRTL field evaluations include an onsite, non-destructive compliance assessment of your equipment and can also be leveraged for one-of-a-kind custom equipment or prototype equipment not intended for mass production or equipment that comes from Europe and Asia. When a piece of equipment does face a red-tag threat, Excel Engineering can be quickly dispatched to your facility to address the issue.

How a NRTL Field Evaluation Works

  1. Excel Engineering sends an expert to evaluate the equipment in question for any risks related to shock, fire, or other electrical hazards, all while accounting for the surrounding environment and for anyone who may come into direct contact with the electrical panel.
  2. If an electrical panel is found to be compliant, it is labeled as such and a report is issued to that end.
  3. If an electrical panel is found to be non-compliant, a separate report is issued detailing the non-compliant areas, which can be used as a guide in determining which corrections may be needed to get the electrical panel to compliance.
  4. Once corrections are made, Excel Engineering requests another site visit to review the newly corrected electrical panel. If it is found to be acceptable, Excel will label the equipment and issue a compliant report to the authority-having jurisdiction (AHJ).

It is essential to follow all the right guidelines when it comes to field evaluations and to use an AHJ-approved field evaluation body to perform them. Excel Engineering specializes in providing onsite third-party evaluations for our clients to help keeps their facilities safe and compliant and their production moving forward.

Why Excel Engineering?

Excel is an experienced, dedicated partner that brings a detail-oriented and relationship-driven approach to every project to ensure it exceeds your goals. Here are just a few of the reasons to partner with us for your NRTL field evaluation needs.

  • 1
    End-to-End Support
  • 2
    Project Planning & Cost Analysis
  • 3
    Hands-On Project Management
  • 4
    Services for Remodels, Expansions, & New Construction
  • 5
    Deep Technical Knowledge
  • 6
    One-on-One Partnership

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