Industry Experience

Centered on the design of equipment used for the handling of dry materials, we have experience in bulk material handling that includes minerals, ores, coal, sand, salt, and more.
Slurry handling, also known as slurry transport, is vital in maximizing a mineral processing plant's productivity and efficiency. We work with clients in optimizing slurry handling to reduce costs and energy consumption throughout the operation.
We have experience in wet and dry classification to help mines and mineral processing plants achieve optimal size control, improved product quality, enhanced efficiency, and increased throughput.
Our work helps ensure our clients always know the exact storage capacity available in a storage bin, surge bin or train loadout bin – which is crucial in receiving a constant supply of a given mined material.
Our team has experience in fluidization to help our mining and mineral clients safely and efficiently convert granular mined materials from their static solid-like state to a more dynamic, fluid-like state.
The use of water in mining helps recover valuable metals from ore, but it also causes contaminants and other solids to accumulate in your process water supply. We help ensure mining operations have a consistent and reliable source of clean water to keep their businesses running.
Dust and fumes pose serious threats within the mining and mineral processing industry. We help evaluate hazard levels and combustion risks while also working with dust control and collection systems to help you remain compliant with EPA air quality standards.
We have experience helping our clients leverage optimal crushing processes that reduce ore to the desired size much more efficiently, economically, and safely.


Industrial Process Automation

Our team’s strong mix of process and automation know-how enables us to take projects from concept and functional requirement through implementation and commissioning, paired with our extensive experience in a wide variety of PLC/HMI and DCS platforms.

IT/OT System Engineering

With the integration of manufacturing systems and processes with back-end hardware and software for conveying and processing information, operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) are converging and becoming increasingly the same. To execute a successful project in today's world, your OT team needs to be able to communicate effectively with your IT team – and we can help.

Electrical Engineering

Your industry facility and devices need safe, reliable, and smart power to enable production. Having a well-engineered design package for your industrial project can reduce costs and accelerate installation. From the incoming utility power to the plant floor, we can work with your team and the construction team to ensure the electrons go where they need to go.

Power System Studies

Our team of engineers can perform a comprehensive arc flash analysis and provide facility owners with the information necessary for employees to work safely on electrical equipment while remaining OSHA- and NFPA70E-compliant. Based on the results of the arc flash study, we provide custom arc flash labels for your equipment, updated electrical drawings, and a full report including analysis and recommendations to reduce and/or properly address arc flash hazards.

Project & Construction Management

Challenging projects require superior organization and facilitation of scope, schedule, and budget. Using best practices and standards suited to your project, our team of experienced professionals can help you manage your project during all phases, from planning and scoping to design and construction.

NRTL Evaluations

All electrical equipment in your facilities must be approved, identified, listed, or labeled by an OSHA-accredited nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL) – or you could be at risk of costly fines and delays. Excel provides expert-led NRTL field evaluations to ensure your sites are compliant today and safe and productive in the long term.

Why Excel Engineering?

Excel is an experienced, dedicated partner that brings a detail-oriented and relationship-driven approach to every project to ensure it exceeds your goals. Here are just a few of the reasons to partner with us to elevate your mining and mineral processing facility.

  • 1
    Improved Quality
  • 2
    Improved Safety
  • 3
    Increased Productivity
  • 4
    Reduced Costs
  • 5
    Maximized Throughput
  • 6
    Improved Asset Reliability
  • 7
    Improved Product Life-Cycle Management
  • 8
    Improved Manufacturing Intelligence

Let’s Get Started

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